(Advt. No. : (162/201819)

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After removing the retirement age for filing higher pay scale cases, the concerned office was instructed to submit 10 (ten) service books in a day from 11 = 00 to 2-00 hours in person at this office for the purpose of verification of pay bond, followed by reference- (  2) Instructions were given to the primary teachers to submit this service book at this office on the allotted date per taluka from the circular shown in.
It was proposed by the primary teachers and their associations to accept more office books of the office where the sanctioned establishment of primary teachers is more.
In this regard, the details of the establishment approved by this office from the office of the Director of Primary Education have been sent to the district / taluka wise approved establishment from the letter mentioned in their reference- (1).  In order to prevent the spread of Corona transition and to ensure that a wide range of service textbooks can be accepted and social distance compliance is taken into account in the interest of the staff and the administration,  -On the date indicated during 2011, all the Taluka Primary Education Officers of that district and the office of Nagar Primary Education Committee will have to submit the service book as mentioned in column-5 considering the establishment mentioned in column-5 of the form per taluka.  In the cases of primary teachers of the concerned taluka / district, B.R.C.  C.R.C.  Cases of primary teachers working at will have to be included, will not have to be submitted from a separate service book.
For other offices other than the Primary Education Elbow Case, the other instructions given in the circular given in reference- (1) of this office shall remain the same and as per the instructions given in the circular shown in reference- (4)  Death / Court Matter and Retired / Retired Employee’s service book should be submitted on priority basis.
In the video conference held under the chairmanship of Hon’ble SPD Shri Madam Shri, the innovative efforts made by you in this regard were discussed.  We have a list of children without survey-based devices.  You have been guided earlier for their home learning.  So, we request you to make adequate efforts so that the child without any device is not deprived of home learning and also to report this work to this office.
Adequate publicity of each of the Home Learning programs is requested.
Programs are shown following the guideline of 12.  In some districts, village leaders / youths make such arrangements at each other’s homes and show the programs to the needy children.  Anand TV is providing old TVs to the parents who need TV at negligible cost through organizations / donors through old TV repairing as well as shops.
Similar arrangements are being made by donors in other districts as well.  Which is very commendable.  Commendable work is also being done to provide old mobiles / tablets to children for Gujarat Virtual School (GVS) online classes.  The idea that the old TV tablet / mobile bank can be set up at taluka level and given to the needy students for home learning is exemplary.