Republic Day – 26 January 2021 Celebration Related Important Circular 

Republic Day – 26 January 2021 Celebration Related Important Circular

Republic Day- 26 January 2021 Ni Ujavani Karva babat: Rajya kaksha, Jilla Kaksha & taluka kaksha ni ujavani karva babat.

National festivals are celebrated every year all over the country with great grandeur and enthusiasm. This year too, Republic Day 2021 will be celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. As part of some preventive measures to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus, the government and the Ministry of Family Welfare have taken steps to ensure that masks are worn, proper sanitation, not gathering large numbers of people, protecting people, etc. The guidelines for Covid 19 should be followed.

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Republic Day 2021 should not be celebrated in large numbers and should be celebrated at the state level, district level as well as taluka level through maximum use of technology. With regard to the upcoming Republic Day 2021 celebrations, the above mentioned limitations and preventive measures will have to be taken into consideration.

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