Ayurveda remedies for stones read more information

Ayurveda remedies for monuments read further information 

 Getting Sindhav- swab in bomb juice and drinking it standing up dissolves the monuments. 


 Math is an important order complaint seen in numerous cases. Monuments can beget excruciating pain but numerous cases don’t have any discomfort despite having monuments. 

 In some cases, monuments can lead to urinary tract infections and order damage if not treated in time. It’s veritably common to have monuments formerly and for all. So it’s important to know about monuments and how to help them. 


 What’s a gravestone? 


 Calcium oxalate or chargers in the urine combine with each other to form a hard substance in the urethra in the long run, known as monuments. 


 What are the monuments? What does it look like? Where is it plant in the urethra? 

 Monuments in the urethra vary in size, from as small as a grain of beach to as large as a ball. Some monuments are round or elliptical and smooth on the outside. This type of gravestone is less painful and can be fluently excreted naturally through urine. 


 Adding Sindhav- swab in cow’s milk whey and drinking it daily in the morning for 215 days, the monuments are excreted through urine and it’s relaxed. 

 Licking the greasepaint of gokharu in honey dissolves the monuments. 


 A fine coliseum of boron is crushed with water and the gravestone is crushed and excreted in the urine. 

 Getting Bomb juice in coconut water and drinking it every morning removes monuments. 


 Drinking karela juice with buttermilk removes monuments. 

 Rooting the juice of radish  frond, adding surokhar in it, drinking it daily dissolves monuments. 

 Drinking Altar vegetable juice dissolves monuments. 



 Drinking old jaggery and turmeric in buttermilk dissolves monuments. 

 Drinking a decoction of black grapes dissolves monuments. 

 Soaking 20 grams of kal at night, masali in the morning, straining the water in the morning every day removes monuments. 

 Making a haze of kalthi and drinking it with a pinch of swab dissolves the monuments and the terrible pain caused by the monuments disappears. 

 Take quartet  tolas of radish seeds and boil them in half a share of water. When half of the water is left, the monuments are dissolved by drinking the uprooted water. 


Boil wheat and chickpeas together, add a pinch of sludge to it and drink it. 

 Drinking a decoction of henna leaves removes monuments. 

 After removing the sludge kernels, simply burn the doda, make its ashes, take 1 gram of this ashes with water in the morning and evening, the pain of monuments is stopped by urinary retention. 

 Take five tolas of chum milk (milk) leaves and five tolas of henna leaves. Drink. Don’t horrify if the urine turns red. On the third day, the monuments will be finely pulverized and excreted in the urine. 




અહીંથી વાંચો સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં



 Eating 50 gms of onion juice mixed with 50 gms of sugar club breaks down the monuments and is excreted in the urine

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