Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat 2021

Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat 2021 
 Farmer Smart Phone Scheme  proclaim by Government of Gujarat. Government of Gujarat will be GiveRs. 15000 for Smartphone to Gujarat’s Farmer. 
The compass of digital service in husbandry is adding day by day. In the field of husbandry, following Douglas, growers started using IT. Through the use of technology, new granges are adding their income by espousing the rearmost technologies. Smartphones for information similar as rainfall cast, rain cast, implicit pest infestation information, planter useful publications, rearmost husbandry styles, pest control ways, information on husbandry department backing schemes and online operation for backing in husbandry department schemes. Being used. The smartphone can fluently be in the hands of the stoner, swapping dispatches like photos,e-mails, textbooks and multimedia. figures( 1) and( 2) read for the purpose of buying smart mobile phones with features like digital camera, multimedia player, GPS, touch screen, web cybersurfer, internet connectivityetc. and for the purpose that growers of the state can use the technology through smartphones The offer made by the Director of Agriculture in the below letters to help the growers of the state in copping
 smartphones was under payment of the Government. 
 It’s thus decided to give executive permission to spendRs. 150000 lakhs( Rs. One thousand five hundred lakhs in the time 2021) as a new matter under the scheme of furnishing backing on smartphones bought by the growers of the state at the end of adult consideration. 
 Yojna Summary Then 
 Scheme for Farmer 
 Aid toRs./- every Farmer 
 Check to need Document and  more Matter 

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Scheme Assistance Matter 
 Under the scheme of furnishing backing on the smartphone bought by the planter, the planter will be eligible for backing up toRs. 15000/ – from the buy of one smartphone. In which the planter will be entitled to 10 of the purchase price of the smartphone orRs. 1500/ – whichever is lower.E.g. Any planter can earn Rs. If he buys a smartphone worthRs. 500/ – orRs. 1500/ – whichever is lower i.e.Rs. 500/ – is eligible for backing and if any planter pays Rs. If he buys a smartphone worthRs. 15000/-, he’ll getRs. 1500/ – orRs. 1500/ – whichever is lower i.e.Rs. 1500/ – is eligible for backing.

Below Image smartphone indirect 
 General terms and cants 
 1) This scheme shall be enforced in all the sections of the State, 
 2) As per the number of one lakh heirs, the target has been set by the Director of Agriculture on quarter wisepro-rata bases. 
 Will be allocated. The manage officer of this scheme will be the Director of Agriculture. 
 2) The District Agriculture Officer shall be the  impose officer for the element of this scheme, 
 3) To mileage the benefits of this scheme, one has to apply on i- planter gate.( 2) The Taluka Implementing Officer shall maintain a register containing the details of Village Wise Component name, name of the devisee, account number, price of the smartphone, quantum of backing, time of giving the benefitetc., 
 3) The backing quantum of this scheme shall be credited directly to the account of the devisee. As well as operation form for operation, payment of aid and operation etc. Certificateetc. to the Director of Agriculture To be  secure. 
 2). communicate the Director of Agriculture in case of any issue regarding the perpetration of this scheme Will be suitable to. 
 2) The entitlement of this scheme shall be distributed by the Director of Agriculture to the concerned Nodal Agency – Gujarat State Seed Corporation, Gandhinagar. 
 2) The nodal agency for payment of backing will be Gujarat State Seed Corporation, Gandhinagar, 
 10) The concerned Nodal Agency shall shoot the Certificate of Grant Application( UTC) in the specified form to the Director of Agriculture, Gandhinagar in time. As well as detailed accounts of charges incurred including subvention and inspection related work will have to be done.( 11) The quantum of backing to the concerned nodal agency ECS as per the prescribed system of payment 
 Electronic Clearance Service/ RTGS( Real Time Gross agreement) annex cronellon( 12) 
 Must be credited to the account. 
 Will also apply for perpetration.( 12) Interpretation of specialized matters if any question arises regarding the perpetration of the scheme 
The final decision can be made by the Director of Agriculture in discussion with the Secretary Agriculture. 
 12). operation form and ancillary forms for perpetration of this scheme on i- planter gate 
To be  secure by the Director of Agriculture.( 12). Charges incurred under this permission are subject to the popular provision of that time and the plutocrat 
 To be done within the limits of the entitlement distributed by the department from time to time. 
( 12) Subject to the being rules for the present work, acceptable popular provision shall be made in the current and coming fiscal time.( 13) Expenditure in this regard is fixed by the State Government 
 As well as in agreement with the vittles of the judgments / leaflets and rules applicable from time to time in the prescribed manner.( 13) The principles of fiscal fairness shall be executed in respect of the costs incurred in making this blessing.( 12) subventions distributed under this blessing may not be used for any other purpose. Savings quantum time Will have to surrender ultimately. 
( 20) Munitions specified under the scheme shall be rigorously stuck to.( 21) This scheme is to be enforced through DBT( Direct Benefit Transfer) system. 
 The vittles have to be complied with. 
 4) For the benefit of the scheme, the GST No of the agency dealing the smartphone, as well as the quantum of GST paid should be shown for the validity of the smartphone bill. 
 2) The introductory backing will be for the purchase of the smartphone only, other accessories for the smartphone similar as battery back up device, observance phone, bowletc. may not be included.( 2) Smartphone purchase bill within the proposed time frame after the date of perpetration of the scheme. 
 Will have to be presented. 
 3) Pursuant to this blessing, if any item is to be carried, it shall be in agreement with the prevailing morals and rules of the Government. 
( At the end of 3 times, if any savings remain, it has to be returned. 
 2). Expenditure of this provision will be incurred during the current fiscal time.

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