Free ship Card For Sc And St class Students .

Free ship Card For Sc And St class Students .

 Jio-Meet may be a HD videotape conferencing app which works on mobile, tablet, desktop and cyber surfer. Calls are safe and secure with all meetings being Leg defended. 

 Crucial Features 

 Easy Login 

A stoner can check in using either Mobile Number or Dispatch ID. 


Easy to Use 

 a) Invite actors to listed or instant meeting using share link through dispatch, SMS, What’s App and other messaging app or directly telephone-out to registered JioMeet druggies. 

 b) Stoner can join a gathering by entering Meeting ID and Leg participated in assignation. 

c) Join from laptop/ desktop and mobile device 

 HD Online meeting 

 Invite up to 100 connections during a meeting. Experience best-in- class High Description * videotape quality while conducting your meetings. 

 Adaptive streaming 

We make sure that your call does not drop indeed once you’re on the move and are passing by a coffee data network zone. Call is automatically downgraded to lower feature. 

 Free ship Card For Sc And St class Students 


 Those scholars who belong to SC/ ST order and whose Parents/ Guardian having periodic income up to Rs./-per time or below are eligible for Scholarship. 

 Scholars get 100 education freights. 

 Free ship Card For Sc And St class Students 

 Application Form 

 Needed Documents 

Group call 

 Produce Channels & start group calling with one click. 

 Group converse 

 Exchange converse dispatches during the conference. 

 Host controls 

 Call host can control the actors’audio, videotape feeds using host controls ( individual and group controls). Host also can widely dissociate actors or end the whole meeting 

 Conference History 

 View and reprise calls from conference history. you will also join calls that are presently ongoing. 

Jio match app download then 

 Depends on network speed and stren. you will partake your feedback with Google play store runner feedback section or write to us 

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