Healthy Habits To Live to 100, According to a 100-Year-old Runner

Healthy Habits To Live to 100, According to a 100- Time-old Runner 


still, meet 100- time-old runner, Mike Fremont, If you are looking for major alleviation and provocation.” I am having the stylish time of my life,” Fremont reveals to PEOPLE, and he does not feel to be exaggerating one bit! Keep reading to learn further about the healthy habits to live to 100, according to a runner who is lived for further than a century and is running strong. 

Two of his world records were accomplished at 80 and 90 years old.


Mike Fremont has been running for further than a whopping 60 times. Impressively, the centenarian has four world running records, having earned world records at both 80 and 90 times old for scoring the fastest marathon times. Completely wowed? Read on to learn about Fremont’s healthy habits to live to 100, because there is so much further to learn about this total fitness star. 

When life gives you failures, you can start to run — and keep up with it. 

Fremont demurred off his running trip in his 30s after enduring the heartbreaking loss of his first woman to a brain hemorrhage. The widowed father of three( including a 2- week-old infant) was devastated — and determined. 

left me, and I demanded to do commodity every day to take the stress off. So generally I’d take one of my little kiddies, and she’d hold my little cutlet and we would run.” He reveals how remedial it was and so pleasurable, saying,” 

These days, Fremont runs his favorite courses close to home, giving a salutation to just about every person along his trip. Those he passes are relatively familiar with the energetic 100- time-old’s routine. Fremont explains,” They are all accustom to me. They say,’ I have seen you then for 40 times!'” We laud you, too, Mike Fremont! 

This 100- time-old runner also enjoys long- distance canoeing. 


This handling star shines well beyond his own home state as well, achieving multiple records ranging from afar runs to marathons. And if you are not formerly super impressed with this hustler, Fremont also enjoys long- distance canoeing! 

He has a positive station and tang for life, which is everything. 

numerous of us can learn a great deal from Fremont’s positive station, tang for life, and healthy habits to live to 100. In the early 1990s, he was told he’d colorectal cancer and only had three months left of life. He recalls to PEOPLE,” It was a terrible, terrible thing to tell me.” 

But life prevailed, and21/2 times after the fatal opinion, surgeons took out the cancerous excrescence. Fortunately, they set up no signs anywhere that it metastasized.” The surgeon said that he’d looked for metastasis in 35 places and set up none. Zero,” Fremont says. 

A alternate chance at life was so inspiring and led to 10Ks, marathons, and a vegan, macrobiotic diet for Fremont. 

The extraordinary news urged Fremont to share in 10Ks, marathons, and everything in between. With a light weight and a lower figure, he soon discovered he was enough decent at running and indeed began to win a many races! 

Fremont immersed himself in the fun sport and was indeed motivated to follow a vegan, macrobiotic diet. My uninterrupted actuality and my beautiful health.” 

This running icon is pleased to run simply for his health and enjoyment, participating with PEOPLE,” I suppose I am sensible enough not to try to run marathons at 100,” adding,” Why should I’ve anything to prove?” 

Fremont is marathoning life in a completely different way, running for enjoyment and living a full life with his present woman, Marilyn Wall, along with five grandkids and four great- grandkids. He chimed in his one- century-old birthday back in February with cutlet( vegan, of course!) and a Florida sand run. His stylish advice? If running or marathon- ing intimidates you, just give it a pass as he did numerous times agone. Fremont also sends an invite to all, saying,” Come with me. I will walk with you. I will run with you. Whatever you want to do.”

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