How to Use Paytm to Pay the Light Bill

How to Use Paytm to Pay the Light Bill
How to Use Paytm to Pay the Light Bill
Some people do not have time and this method is a good way to pay light bills, save people time and get work done.
Paying the light bills of the petium also saves people time and can easily get the job done and get your work done at home.
Here’s how to pay the Light Bill using Paytm. Here’s the method in this post.

How to Use Paytm to Pay the Light Bill

How To Pay Electricity Bill Online

Wherever you are, pay light bill online following easy steps.
  1. Click on the electricity board
  2. You will get a drop-down of all the states
  3. Select your state
  4. Pick your electricity board
  5. Fill in your consumer number
  6. Enter the amount
  7. Pick electricity bill payment promo codes of your choice and get Cashback & other offers

Steps to Pay Electricity Bill Online In Paytm

  1. First, if you have a Smartphone then download Paytm app and login on it by Google-plus or Facebook account.
  2. After successful of login, Go back and click on electricity icon and select your state where you are living.
  3. Select board which is located in your bill paper. (I.e. MGVcl, DGVCL, MGVCL, UGVCL)
  4. Submit customer number that is located in your bill paper. Don’t Use “/”(Slash) when you submit customer number for example my customer number is 05031007214 (without ‘/’). Then Click on get bill.
  5. Must Conform Customer name and then enter amount of electricity bill that you want to pay.
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  7. Save more with paytm offers and deals while mobile recharge, booking movie ticket, paying electricity bill etc.
  8. Choose any one offer and go for proceed to pay. If you don’t want any offer you can skip it.
  9. Now, complete your payment by using Debit Card or Credit Card or Net Banking or ATM card.
  10. You can see your Electricity bill payment is done successfully.
  11. Now, you just have to download payment receipt. To download payment receipt
  12. go back to your home page and click on “Profile/My Orders/Your Bill Payment/paytm Payment Receipt”.
This was the today’s blog on How to pay electricity bill online in paytm mobile app . Hope you guys like this.
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How to Use Paytm to Pay the Light Bill

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