Indian Army built bridge over Indus river will be proud to watch video.

By constructing a bridge over the Indus River in a single night, the Indian Army shattered the previous record. The Army is then recognized as our nation’s strength and source of pride. To everyone’s surprise, the Indian Army has currently constructed a bridge across the Indus River on the border between China and India. China was also observing when it repeatedly flew fighter jets over our border to demonstrate its military might against India.

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The largest and land-based arm of the Indian armed forces is the Bharatiya, or Indian Army. Its main goals are to preserve peace and security within the country’s borders, as well as to protect the Republic of India from threats and aggressions from the outside. In times of natural disasters and other emergencies, it also carries out humanitarian rescue operations.

The British Indian Army, which was stationed in post-Partition India, left behind most of its organizational structures when India attained independence in 1947 and formed the Indian Army. Although there is a conscription clause in the Indian constitution, it has never been put into practice. It is a voluntary service. The army has fought in four conflicts with Pakistan, our neighbor, and once with the People’s Republic of

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The army has also carried out Operations Vijay, Meghdoot, and Cracktus, among other significant operations. Aside from these conflicts, the army actively participates in the UN peacekeeping effort.

Our pride and strength come from our army. The power of the nation’s army makes us proud. The Indian army is employing new technology and growing more powerful every day.