Local body elections in Gujarat announced in 2021

Local body elections in Gujarat announced in 2021 – Know when the code of conduct will come into force



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Given the Corona situation in Gujarat, the state’s local body elections will be held in two phases. In the first phase elections of Municipal Corporation and then Municipalities and Panchayats will be held.

Nobody can give you happiness, nor can you buy money by going to a shop in the market. If you were happy with the money, then all the rich of the world would buy.

Praise comes from the way of living life. Life may be beautiful but if the style of living is not beautiful then life does not take any time to get ugly. Even in a hut, a man can be full of joy and in the cells too, a sad, restless, troubled man will be found.

Change the way of thinking from today itself, life will become a celebration. Remembering the world connects with renunciation and disintegrates with selfishness. If you walk on the path of renunciation, everyone’s affection will be found without asking and life will go on becoming a garden.

Smile is a diamond you can wear without buying and … As long as you have this diamond … you don’t need anything else to look beautiful!

Fear of future always haunts only those who are not satisfied even in present. The person who came to be satisfied in the present, then there is no other reason that he has to worry about the future.

All the competitions of our life only reflect our dissatisfaction with the present life. The more contented a person is, the lower his competition will be. Often people make the present sad by making the future happy.

But then they also forget this eternal law of life that future never comes, whenever they come, they will come as present. Remember Jiya always goes to the present. So live in the present sense so that the fear of the future can be erased.

Announce the announcement of local self-government elections. Know when the code of conduct will come into force.