Now Adani Capitals will bring IPO, know when and what is the plan?

Now Adani Capitals will bring IPO, know when and what’s the plan? 


New Delhi The IPO of Adani Capital, anon-banking fiscal company( NBFC) of the Adani Group, will come. This information has been given by Gaurav Gupta, MD and CEO of the company. He said in a discussion with Bloomberg that the company will offer about 10 percent stake in the first share trade. He said that the valuation target of the company is 2 billion bones

Adani Capital is planning to raise Rs 1500 crore through this IPO. The company will bring the IPO by the time 2024. specially, Asia’s richest man Gaumat Adani has invested in Adani Capital. 7 companies of Adani group are listed in share request. Of which six companies have a request cap of further than 1 lakh crore rupees. The last table of this group was Adani Wilmar, which was listed in February this time. Wilmar has given cushion returns to investors. Adani Wilmar is the only listed company in this group, which has a request cap of lower than Rs 1 lakh crore. 


In an interview, Gaurav Gupta said that after listing, the company’s capability to raise capital increases. He said that Adani Capital wants to strengthen its hold in the debt sector from 3 lakh to 30 lakh with the help of fashion. Gupta said that a credit company that uses technology can work more effectively in engaging guests. 


Started business in 2017 


Adani Capital started the lending business in 2017. The company is active in the pastoral and retail finance sectors. The company is offering agrarian ministry, small marketable vehicles, three wheelers and ranch loan services. 

The CEO of Adani Capital said that the company’s business is grounded on the direct- to- client distribution model. The company has 154 branches in 8 countries and has around 60 thousand guests. presently, the company is managing a debt of Rs 3000 crore. Its gross NPA is around 1 percent. He said, he wants to double the loan book of the company every time.

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