Rangoli Design collection for Diwali festival

Collection of Rangoli Designs for the Diwali festival

View, share, and enjoy these simple rangoli designs in 4K and HD quality all in one app.

Indian culture is full of exquisite and vibrant ornaments. The history of rangoli designs is extensive and goes back many centuries.

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Every Hindu home has a lovely art form called rangoli, which is created there using a variety of materials like flower petals, chalk powder, limestone powder, etc.

There are several names for this rangoli art form in different parts of the country, including Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Mandana in Rajasthan, Muggulu in Andra Pradesh, and so forth.

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Apart from their aesthetic value, it is believed that these rangoli patterns drive out all evil spirits from a home. Hindu holidays are not complete without rangolis.

Almost every special occasion, including weddings and parties, is greeted with a gorgeous rangoli design.

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Simple rangoli patterns and Original Images of Rangoli Designs

The Rangoli design is easy to make and appealing at the same time. which distinguishes the design. If time is of the essence, employ Easy Rangoli Design. Examples include the Welcome rangoli, Painting rangoli, Diva rangoli, OM rangoli, and Swastik rangoli designs.

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Kolam in Tamil

Rangoli, also referred to as Kolam in Tamil Nadu, is a customary event for women. Mostly, white powder is used.

The newest patterns for rangoli or designs

We are constantly searching for new things as the days go by. And so is rangoli. You might thus be searching for the newest Rangoli designs.

Examples of rangoli designs are flower, character, and corner.

Rangoli Kundan
Another modern method of making Rangoli is Kundan Rangoli. You can purchase the material, and it is simple to make.

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Design of Peacock Rangoli
There are numerous Peacock Kundan Rangoli Designs and Peacock Rangoli Designs in the free Rangoli Designs 2017 app.

Try these newest rangoli designs for 2018–2019 and don’t stop grinning.


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