Sarkari Madhyamik Shalao ma Shikshan Sahayako ni Bharti prakriya- Nimnuk Patrak Aenayat Karykram-2021

Sarkari Madhyamik Shalao ma Shikshan Sahayako ni Bharti prakriya- Nimnuk Patrak Aenayat Karykram-2021

Shikshan Sahayak Bharti Prakriya Nimnuk Patrak Aenayat Program Live on Youtube..

Shikshan Sahayak Bharti – Sarkari Madhyamik- 2021.



A person’s mind can never remain empty. He definitely keeps thinking auspicious and inauspicious. Either think of God then think about the subject. The mind is purified by thinking of God. Whereas thoughts develop in the mind by thinking about subjects.

With the thought of over-subject enjoyment, a strong desire to obtain them is manifested and if not received, the mind becomes disturbed and disturbed. Wisdom is rooted in contentment. Auspicious resolve is revealed in the root intellect, good thoughts cannot be born.

Man first contemplates and plans to do it at his discretion. The hands and feet are ready to do everything according to the resolution. From here, both sin and virtue can occur. Therefore, in order to make life blissful, it is necessary to put the mind in as many sakramas or in the simran of God as possible so that the mind does not get opportunities to go to the wrong place.

There is a simple rule of life and that if there is no discipline then there is no progress. A river reaches the ocean and becomes ocean by flowing under discipline. By tying in discipline, a vine rises from the ground and attains a tree-like height, and while under discipline, the air itself becomes fragrant by incorporating the fragrance of flowers into itself and fills the four directions with fragrance.

When water is inferior, it takes the form of flood, air becomes inferior to discipline, then it becomes a storm and if fire becomes inferior, it becomes a cause of great destruction. In the same way, indiscipline leads to the destruction of one’s own life as well as to others.

If the train moves in discipline, the enjoyment of the journey increases further. In the same way, if life is also under discipline, the joy of life journey increases further. It is also important to have discipline in your hands for the horse of life to continue on its path of progress either by abandoning autocracy or arrogance, or running towards its goal.