Std.1 to 10 Bridge Course – Gyansetu Class Readyness: Time Table

Std.1 to 10 Bridge Course – Gyansetu Class Readyness: Time Table


પરિપત્ર તથા નવુ ટાઇમ ટેબલ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

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બ્રિજકોર્સ – કલાસ રેડીનેશઃ જ્ઞાનસેતુ સાહિત્ય અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો.

God bless you,” said the sixty-five-year-old, clasping his hands. The old man was tired. Rebzeb was sweating from the scorching sun. There was also a murmur as he spoke.

Now I was driving to my village. It was a real afternoon. The sun was shining brightly. The atmosphere was unbearably hot and bubbling. An old man was seen carrying a sack on the road. Due to the effect of age and the weight of the bag, they could barely bend and walk. I parked the car. They immediately moved to the side of the road. I asked him to sit in the car. Maybe he didn’t believe it. I said again. Barely straightening his body, he said, “Ar bhai. I just walk like this …” As soon as he said that, he started walking again. They sat in the car as I requested them again.

“Uncle, why are you doing this at such an age …? He understood what I was asking.” We fill the abdominal cavity as much as we can. It is better to be helpful than to be a burden to someone. “- The old man was speaking respectfully. So as soon as he came to the village, he signaled me to get off. He got out of the car and bowed and started walking towards the village.

I was touched by the old man’s intoxication and self-esteem. His two sentences gave me a lot of energy.

“Xerox of this is to be given here in the office.” – Sahebshree said while signing.

“Sir, take out the Xerox right now.” – I immediately got up from my chair to go get the Xerox.

“Hey you sit down. The Xerox is needed by the District Education Committee. So it is the responsibility of the office to get the Xerox. And yes, from now on you don’t have to come to the office in person for such work. Send it by post. As soon as he said this, the District Primary Education Officer rang the bell. “Put a photocopy of this in the file. – Giving the paper to the servant, the gentleman said instinctively. In a short time I got my original paper. For a while I was amazed. During his tenure as a teacher, he had to go to the office for small and big government work. The district primary education officer had just been transferred to Kheda district. I heard a lot about his diligence and temperament. But today, in the first visit, he was identified and tested.