Which app is best to know how is my horoscope today

Which app is best to know how is my horoscope today

The 8 Best Astrology Apps

Astrology apps can be a suitable way to include projection from the universal movements into your life. Insight into conflict such as finances, relationships, or family is made obtainable whenever you need it. 

The apps under have been assistant for quality of design, types of analysis condition, usability, and accessibility.

1 : DailyHoroscope

DailyHoroscope is great for those who want a quick daily horoscope reading without any ruffle. It’s useful for learner who may only know their sun zodiac sign, the one relation to your birth. 

The app also has reading for the week, month, and year if you always feel the need for more extensive projection. It’s also very easy to cross and you can choice special horoscopes if you want to save them.

There is a premier version with distant levels, the low-priced being $2.99/year and the most costly $9.99/year. This gives you the capacity to save more horoscopes and delete ads.

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2 : Co-Star


Co-Star is an abolish popular astrology app with a glossy, simple design. It’s not just pretty to look at, though. It also condition a full analysis of your natal chart if you know twain the date and time of your birth.

It’s also somewhat of a social policy as you can add friends, and see how your charts match up. It’s delineate in a way where you can get delicacy of scan with a quick read through, or go more in-depth if you want to.

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3 : The Pattern

The Pattern has a main direct on link and relationship between people you know. You can add others by request them, searching their username, or you can make a custom profile with someone’s birth date and time. You can then view agreeable in both friendships or romantic relationships. This app provide deep scanning that even celebrity Convert Tatum allow is scarily accurate.

Not only is this app best for agreeable readings, it also provide you a look into how you are operating in life, work, and family matters. It provides extensive cycles of working that you may be practice, as well as world-wide predictions.

If you covet to save something you’ve read, there is an part on the app to do that, as well as jot down notes.

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4 : Time Passages

If you’re more involve in the confirmed workings of astrology and the planetary movements, this is the app for you. Time Passages gives especial explanation about the function of planets and the result they’ll have on you.

There’s also a part in the app named Learn where you can read about astrological title and get an understanding of how horoscopes are calculated. If you’re involve in having this kind of understanding, this app is a best resource.

But, if you want to do agreeable contrast, you’ll have to pay $.99 to get one. Every single thing individually on Time Passages, though, is completely free.

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5 : Nebula

Nebula provide you a everyday reading with different segment such as key astrology events, lunar calendar, and even a haircut calendar (to decide the best times to get a haircut.) You can additionally read weekly and yearly horoscopes for free.

Nebula additionally has a segment where you can prefer from multiple different individualize readings with real astrologers. However, this favour, as well as the app’s premier version, can be costly.

But if you’re just looking for a good daily reading and strike without getting too complicate, this app works perfectly.

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6 : Faladdin

If you’re regard for an app that is customized more towards presage your future, Faladdin condition multiple choice for this such as tarot card readings, clairvoyance, and coffee cup readings. It also gives a daily horoscope. 

For the chance telling services, you’ll further have to watch an ad to get the service free, or pay for multiple credits. If you only want projection once in moment, this is a best app to have on hand.

All the readings you obtain are also saved, so you can go back to them whenever you want.

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7 : Time Nomad

If you’re an latest astrologer in need of something more technical, you’ll find Time Nomad to be a compact above the other apps listed here. It doesn’t give much explanation of the planetary positions and movements, but gives an extremely wide range of data to draw your own conclusions from.

It also gives you the facility to add different people, places, companies, or world events that you can then read the correlated astrological information for. This app is completely free, but it’s not for those who want a uncomplicated explicate horoscope. 

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8 : Sanctuary

Select to talk one-on-one with an expert astrologer? This app is customize to those who have special questions that some common horoscopes may not be capable to answer. The charge to discourse to an astrologer is $2.99 a minute, and is exchange in 10, 15, 20, or 30-minute increments.

You also get full entry to your chart, with guides to help you explain the meaning behind it. There’s additionally a daily horoscope, tarot card reading, and entry to a monthly horoscope for free.

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