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Worried about how to remove virus from android? Proven ways of virus removal.


How to remove virus from android ? You may have heard of and most probably experienced the virus attack on smart phones. When we talk in the sense of technology, a virus is a specific form of malware that harms our device, steals our data and compromises our privacy. But the fact is that not all viruses work in the same way. Some viruses may restrict the functions of our device; some can steal and remove the data and also can make unauthorised purchases from our devices. They wok secretly hence, they go undetected for a very long time.

Performance issues: They can be a subtle sign of malware attacks, but keep in mind that not all performance related issues are due to virus.
Here we have compiled some signs that can indicate that your phone may be infected with virus.

Excessive data usage: If a virus is running in background, it may consume your mobile data to a very fast rate. Be alert when your phone is not updating and no download is ongoing still your data is exhausted.

Fraudulent charges: Have you ever got a notification of a purchase that you never made. This may be the wok of the virus running in your phone working diligently for its master!
Apps crashing: Crashing of apps regularly can be a sign of the presence of virus on your device. Although apps do crash if multiple apps work simultaneously, but if the issue is persistent you must go and check for virus.

Pop-ups: While browsing the web, pop-up are not the thing to worry, but if your browser is not running still you see pop-ups on your screen, this may be the reason of adware.
Increased battery drain: When a virus runs in background, it may drain the battery of your device. So if you see a sudden drain of battery, you should be checking virus.

Unrecognizable apps: When you find apps mysteriously downloaded apps on your device, this may be due to virus as well. A type of virus, trojan horse, can attach itself with legitimate applications as well and cause damage to your data security and privacy as well.

Overheating: Occasional overheating of the phone is not the big thing. But the regular over heating can be an issue. The overheating in malware attack is due to fast consumption of RAM and CPU.
Spam texts: This is very common form of malware which can gather information of your device and send malicious or infected texts to your contacts.

How can you remove the virus from your Android Phone?
Here is the bad news; Android devices are more vulnerable to malware threats because of the open source code. In that case, Antivirus software can be a good way to protect your Android from viruses. Follow the given instructions to remove the virus from your android device.
1. Clear the cache from phone.
2. Start with rebooting your device in safe mode.
3. Open settings and browse through recently installed apps to target for any suspicious activity.
4. Uninstall any suspicious software, and,
5. Enable Google’s Play Protect. Regularly scan your device for threats and manage them as needed.

“Prevention is better than Cure”: Few tips to protect yourself From A Phone Virus

• Avoid any third party app stores and download only verified apps.
• Use only Wi-Fi that is protected.
• Carefully read all the terms and conditions before downloading any unfamiliar app. And manage app permissions accordingly.
• Install a genuine antivirus software
• Regularly update your Operating System which will help patch bugs found in previous versions.
• Never open suspicious messages such as email attachments, texts and links.

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